Friday, November 1, 2013


Now lets talk about the costumes.
As a child, I was the same 3 things over and over again.
A witch.
A punk.
A hobo.
As a punk, I always painted my dad's old white t-shirts, ratted and spray painted my hair.
Oh, and lots of hairspray.
My mom is incredible when it comes to spooky dinners and decorations.
not so much (sorry mom).

So I thought I would try really hard to be fantastic in the costume department.

When Rylee was about 2,
I made a witch costume.
I hate to admit that it cost me way more to make than it would have to buy.
As you can probably tell from the look on my face,
I did not think that it was worth it.

Alas, I present the witch.
And a vampire

Did I doom her to be a witch
over again?

Not quite.

The years passed.
We succeeded in not being a witch.

We had a year of knights in shining armor.

One year we were super heroes.

Another year I had a fantastic idea.
I love to knit and crochet.
How about monster hats?

What is that I see?
A witch costume?
Two witch costumes???
And a vampire?  Again?

Oh boy.
Then there was the year that I really out did myself.

I totally did that.

How could I possibly top that?
Well, I didn't.

Me:  "Hey kiddios, why don't you find costumes that we already have?"
Kiddios:  "Okay"
Me: "Awesome!"

Although, I did knit a bow tie.
Johnny was a magician.

This year...
What is that I see?

2 witches.
In case you are wondering,
the costume Molly is wearing is the very witch costume I made for Rylee years ago!
I guess it was worth it.

For the boys?
How about a little face paint?

Lesson learned?
Perhaps my mom was good at costumes after all...


  1. Ok-that cracks me up. That is EXACTLY how I feel about me and costumes. In fact, I was just laughing with someone about that yesterday--on Halloween. You sure were a cute Smurfette one year, however (store bought, vinyl). I can't tell you how much I LOVE the parade of years of the kids. Oh my--they really were that small?. Can we turn the clock back? No--let's not. That would mean lots and lots and lots of years and years left doing the medical thing. Noooo--let's not turn the clock back--ha! LOVE the face painting and the green hair and the witches, zombie and shark!! Love the kiddos most of all!! Can't wait until you will be trick or treating at our house. We give out full-size candy bars------are we enticing you? Thanks for the post! LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. So fun to see those Halloween costumes and how little your kids used to be!!! Crazy! I loved the face painting =)! Johnny's was especially spooky!!! Love and miss you!

  3. Love seeing the sequence of all the kids' costumes over the years. You really do go to town! Your creativity spilleth over.
    You know, after all my youthful years of trick-or-treating, I only remember 2 Halloweens. One was my very first. Mom made ghost costumes for Cathy and me. We lived on the 1st level apartment in Fox Lake IL, with all outside entrances. Cathy took my hand (I must have been 4?), we walked up and up to a higher apartment, Cathy rang the bell, a door opened, a (normal) lady was there, Cathy said "Trick or Treat" and I started screaming and crying (which I always did when I didn't understand). So Cathy took me back home. The other one I remember was 2nd grade - Cathy and I both had the mumps and we stood all evening by the front window in our jammies watching all the OTHER kids trick-or-treating while we stayed home feeling sorry for ourselves. It's odd -- I have no recollection at all of any "good" or normal Halloweens.
    I hope your kiddos have much better times!!! Love to them all!