Wednesday, November 6, 2013


A few weeks ago,
we released our butterflies.

I have to say,
it was a very cool experience.

First of all,
we missed the first four butterflies breaking out of their chrysalis.
It was tragic!

The kids would wait and watch,
wait and watch.

Then it would happen...
When we were sleeping!!

There was one left.  
When this chrysalis was a a caterpillar,
it could not climb to the lid to make its chrysalis.
It formed its chrysalis on the ground.

Lucky for us!!!

We were not going to miss the big event.
We gathered around the table.
I read from our book,
and read,
and read,
and read.
Probably 2 hours straight.

Then Molly shouts.
"it's cracking!"

This is what we saw.

So incredible!

Then the day came to release them.

Notice Molly's face? That butterfly may have pooped on her...

We will definitely do this again!


  1. I LOVE this!! What an amazing experience. What a lesson on the miracle of life. I am smiling at Molly's reaction. That is one cute girl. I don't think I've ever seen a butterfly poop--HA!!!!! Tell her she beat me out! Love seeing all the cutesters!! Thanks for sharing this. It truly is a wonder of nature. Maybe those butterflies will fly to Utah. I'll be watching for them.

  2. My gosh! This was so amazing! How wonderful to be able to record the breaking out of Chrysalis step by step. Wowser dowser. How fabulous that the kids were able to see the entire process. And then the excitement of the release. Thanks so much for sharing!!!
    All my love to all you miraculous people-butterflies!