Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanks

The Family School, Literature 1.7

The Thanksgiving story is definitely one of faith, strength, perseverance and gratitude.
The pilgrims were devoted to God.
They showed that devotion even in the midst of great trial and hardship.
One of their favorite songs to sing was Psalm 100.
When they were finally able to get off the Mayflower, this is what they sang.

How incredible that they would want to sing a song of thanksgiving and praise when things were so difficult!

We watched a short clip of the First Thanksgiving.
You can find it here.

Then we talked about our many blessings.
Of course, we watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

I made some gratitude cards with my rectangle doodle frames, circle doodle frames and Thanksgiving clip art.  The kids colored them and wrote their "thankfuls" on them.  It is our privilege and responsibility to show our gratitude!  Let's be thankful!

I made some cards for those who would prefer to just write and not color.

You can get the PDF of these handouts at my Teacher Pay Teacher store for free.
You can find them here. (The pictures of the handouts on the blog are just thumbnails, so the quality is not very good for printing.  It is definitely better quality in the PDF).
If you download them, I would really appreciate it if you would rate it for me!  
Thank you so much!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Eat a lot!

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  1. What a coincidence! I was just thinking about the 100th Psalm last night. It's my favorite right after the 23rd - they're the only 2 I know by heart. I didn't know it was ever set to music, but it makes perfect sense. I'll have to try to find music to go with it - it's probably been set many times. We are so thankful for you and your family, and for all you do. Make a joyful noise!