Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Time in Michigan

We are back in Michigan.
Good Bye UT.
Your sweet sunshine is in our hearts.

Hello Michigan.
You are cold.

Oh, so cold.
Instead of jumping on the Trampoline,
The kids decided to read in daddy's reading chair.

Now, a treat for you.

I had a request to make my one side borders a little bit longer.
That way they can fit on the long side of an 8.5x11 size document without having to transform them.

You can find them at my TPT store.

I love having a collection of these one side borders.  
Sometimes I am working on a project and it just needs a little something.
Adding one of these borders does the trick!
I can make something that is a little bit boring into a beautiful and fun project.

Take one of these borders on a test run.
See how you like it.
Then come and get some more!

Your free Long Side Border:

Terms of Use:
My free clipart is just that "free".  You are free to use it for personal and commercial use (obviously you can't sell my actual image..).  If you do use it for commercial use, such as your TPT products, it would be wonderful if you gave me the credit for the image and help me spread the word about my store!  Thank you!

I also made my Full Doodle Borders Color.
Check them out over here: