Friday, November 29, 2013

Best Day Ever

Apparently I am the best mom in the whole world.
What makes me the best mom in the whole world, you ask?
Well, let me tell you.

It was one of those days.
Those days where you have to go from one thing to the next.
There is hardly room to breathe, let alone fix dinner.
The Dr. Daddy is doing some doctoring all night long.
The fridge is empty.
There is $5 and some change in your pocket.

What to do for dinner?

In between piano lessons and swim team,
you make a Sam's Club run.
Sam's Club hot dogs.
According to Bryce, that equates to me being "the best mom in the whole world".
Hot dogs for dinner.

Guess what makes it "the best day ever".

Getting a package in the mail from Baba and Dedo...
containing rock candy.


I had a pretty good day too.

I made something.

Christmas finger puppets.

You know you want some...
I mean your kids want some!

Come and get them at my TeachersPayTeachers store.

or my etsy shop.


  1. That's so funny. What a great story! Hot dogs for dinner! I wonder why kids love hot dogs so much -- I know I did back then. And rock candy from Baba and Dedo! You're all the best moms and best dads in the whole world! Really cute finger puppets too!!! Love you all!

  2. Ohhh-that makes me smile being on the same level with hot dogs--HA!! What a fun post!! Isn't life crazy???? There are just too many days like that now!! What a treat of all treats--getting to share days with those cutesters of yours!! Love the finger puppets. I love how fresh your creations are. We had lots of fun using the Thanksgiving ones, so we will definitely use these finger puppets. Its makes it easier for grandparents to come up with creative things for their grandchildren to do, and they love it. You are the best!! Love to you all.