I'm Jena.

I'm a mom.

I'm a wife.

I believe we should do a lot more aiming,
and a lot less dazing.

"aim...less daze"

I also believe we should have a little more dazing,
with a little less aiming.

"aimless days"

This is a blog about my journey in homeschooling, mothering, crafting, journaling, playing, living and more.

Come and join me in my aim less daze.

1 comment:

  1. At the moment, I could use less aiming, and more dazing. I think it's slowing down around here and maybe I get to do a little dazing, and maybe at least some different aiming. Come to think of it, you could use more dazing. Dazing sessions are good for a refocused aiming.

    Lots of Love,

    P.S. Is it possible to shut off that annoying "type here to prove you're not a robot"? I have the hardest time reading those weird words and have to type them over and over sometimes.