Saturday, November 9, 2013

Molly Dolly Pattern

I did it!

I finally finished the Molly Dolly Pattern and it is in my etsy shop.

Come on over to my etsy shop and get a pattern!
You have plenty of time to make a Molly Dolly for your special little girl for Christmas.
If you do get Molly Dolly Pattern, let me know and I will send you some Thanksgiving journal cards.
Thank you!!!


  1. This is the cutest pattern! I love it; love the name; and the sweet girl it is named after. I am heading to your shop to buy this pattern. Thanks for designing and sharing. That was a lot of work!!!

  2. I got the pattern in my hands right now!! It downloaded perfectly and now I can make this cute little doll for one-of-a-kind gifts!! The pattern looks easy to follow!! I'm excited because little ones love dolls with houses. Too perfect!! Thanks again!!

  3. How did you ever get the idea for something so extremely cute?!! And the little house with it is just adorable. Almost as cute as Molly herself! Give her a hug for me!