Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I'm not sure if I am ready for this!

I love how beautiful the snow is.

I love getting out the sleds,
building snowmen,
drinking hot chocolate,
and wearing sweaters.

But I'm not sure if I love having snow around from November all the way to April.
That is a long winter.

Maybe smiling snowflakes will change my mind.

Have fun using these snowflakes in your projects!
They are free!
Get them here:

Friday, November 7, 2014


You may remember that at the beginning of the year I was asked to be a part of The Family School team (scroll down and you will see me at the bottom).
They asked me to help in handout design.
That means I get to do a lot of drawing!!!

I was tasked to help redo 2 years worth of handouts.
That is over 2000 pages of drawing, organizing and creating.
I have stacks and stacks of sketches.

After about 6 months of what felt like non-stop work,
I can finally say that we are done.
With that project...

That was intense.

Have you missed me?
I've missed this.

Well guess what?
Now I can start paying attention to this blog and Teachers Pay Teachers!

You will notice that I have already added some new frames to my shop.


I use these all the time.
I love to print out a bunch of them and use them for journaling.

I also use them to frame important words or saying in my Family School handouts.

I hope you like them!

Here is a free frame for you.

Terms of Use:
My free clipart is just that "free".  You are free to use it for personal and commercial use (obviously you can't sell my actual image..).  If you do use it for commercial use, such as your TPT products, it would be wonderful if you gave me the credit for the image and help me spread the word about my store!  Thank you!