Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Do you have a dog?
We sort of have a dog.
Her name is Bella.
She is our neighbor.

Johnny (all of us actually) have been walking her for almost 2 years.

Can you believe that he gets $5 every time he (we) walks her?
And we walk her 2-3 times a week.
Even when it is below freezing.

My 9 year-old makes more money than I do.

Today was a perfect walking day.
We even stopped at the park.

My kids really want a dog.
I always thought we would have one.
Then something happened to me.
My dog wanter turned off.
We do not have a fence.
I use that as an excuse.
No fence.
No dog.

For now,
I really like "sort of" having a dog.


  1. How nice to have a "sort of" dog. We have a "sort of dog" named Blue - he's a black and white Springer Spaniel belonging to our very nice next door neighbors. We don't walk him, but we do pet him and feed him doggie treats. He lives in Bryan and Margo's condo since none of us have yards -- but you may not want to consider an indoor-and-3-walks-a-day dog who has to be kenneled whenever you take trips. Having your own dog can be happy and sad. Our first dog, Bob, got hit by a lumber truck in Klamath Falls and died. He used to sleep with the cat. Fred was just a baby and wouldn't remember. Then we had a pair of dachshund/cockerspaniel mix brothers called Hans and Fritz. We didn't have a fence either so they lived in the basement lined with papers which was kind of sad in itself. We would walk them around the block but at the end of the block mean boys would throw rocks at them. One day, Fritz bit one of the rock throwers and his mom made animal control take them away. It seemed so unjust, and we all cried. Fred's first dog, Cloudy, we got as a rescue dog from the Humane Society. He was a great dog - I don't remember anything sad.
    In terms of Johnny making more money that you...ha! There are a lot more ways to get paid than just money. Like I get paid in blessings by having Fred and Su and you and your family as my family!!!!! I also get paid by being able to see all the wonderful photos like the ones you posted today. Teach one of the kids to be a photographer, and then get yourself included in more photos!
    Love you all!!!!

    1. I'm just figuring out that I can reply to comments! Sheesh, I'm slow. I hope you get it! That rock throwing story is the saddest story!!! I can't believe that kids can be so mean. We are blessed to have you in our family! I will work on getting more pictures of me and Brian on the blog! Love you too!

  2. My heart is melting---I LOVE those pictures and those kids!!!!! You are faithful in walking Bella! Your neighbors are so sweet and it is wonderful they let you have a "sort of" dog. I would say "no fence," "no dog" makes a lot of sense and it is kinder for a dog to have a fenced yard with their own place to explore and 'own', and run in, but the rest of your family might not like me agreeing with you on that one, so I'll just whisper it, as an avid dog-lover myself. That park looks fun and those sweethearts look even funner to be with. What's the deal with coats, hats, and gloves????? Ohhh-to be warm again!! Love you all!!

    1. I know!! Hats and gloves...Oh well. We are ready for it. Cold weather does not slow us down!

  3. Okay, I have got to post on facebook and ask if any of my neighbors need a dog walker. My kids would love that! Johnny has got to have a stash of cash!! Ha! Miss your kids tons! They look very happy and healthy!

    1. It is fun! I love having a sort of dog. It is awesome.

  4. Can't blame you for not wanting a dog! Can't blame you AT ALL! I used to be the hugest dog lover--even worked at a Vet, but look at me now!! :)

    1. How does that happen??? I don't know what it wrong with me.