Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Clipart

I'm trying something new!
My creative juices have been flowing.
My doodling urge cannot be contained.

I"m giving clipart a go.

What do you think?

You can buy my clipart at my Teacher's Pay Teacher's store
or my Teacher's Notebook store.


  1. Hi Jena -- terrific clipart! Sorry I've been out of touch. It got crazy again. Dan's been traveling almost 1 week per month. I have another trip tomorrow. I thought I would take a few minutes off to enjoy family and just sneak and look at ONE post. I will try to find time to catch up and give you comments on all! The last post I looked at, if you can believe it, was "Worms", so a lot of catching up to do. If we can get through the next couple of weeks I'll try a family update letter so everyone knows I haven't forgotten them! Good luck on your clipart project! Love to all!!! XXXXOOOOO

  2. I LOVE this!! What vibrant and fun colors and illustrations. What an exciting new adventure. It is great you can put this out for others to use!! I am your first proud customer and am excited about using it for Thanksgiving!! So I am waiting for my journal cards to be sent to my email. That will be a fun addition to my journaling. You have my email, so I'll be looking for those. Thanks!! Keep those creative juices going and hopefully everyone will help spread the word on your sites!!

  3. I got my journaling cards. They are great. It will be fun to add that spark to my journal during November and other times in the year. My November goal is to write what I am grateful for each day of the month, so this will really help out. Thank you!! Thank you!! You are the best!!

  4. Your clip art is so cute Jena =)! I love how talented you are =)!!