Friday, November 8, 2013


These handouts can be used for The Family School, Year 1, History Lesson 5.

 How did Enoch remain righteous in such a wicked world?
How was he able to influence so many others to also choose righteousness?
How can we follow Enoch's example?

Those are the questions that we talked about in one of our history lessons.

I made a scripture study chart for the kids.

I was surprised by how much they enjoyed the study chart!
They loved marking their scriptures with purpose.
They loved writing key words in the margins.
They really loved gluing the quote into their scriptures.
I think that I will be doing a lot more of these.
It is very rewarding to see those kiddios really absorb the Word of God!

Moses 7 can be found here.


  1. You've done it again; given me something to think about and use in my journal. This goes right along with becoming Christ-like, which I have an entire journal just for that life goal. Thanks so much!! How cool is that to teach your children at a young age how to really study their scriptures rather than just reading them. Thank you again for sharing. We sure miss all our "cool-a-roonies". I love all these handouts you are doing!!!!!

  2. You've reminded me of years and years ago I had what I guess we'd now call a "sticker book". It was on insects. There was a tiny "volume" for each insect - I especially remember how the caterpillar turned into a butterfly. I would take the sticker and lick (the old days before peel-and-stick) the back, then paste the 4-color stickers down into their correct spots in the little booklet. There was something about having to focus on physically connecting the right picture into the right spot on the right page that riveted my young mind and helped me really learn what the book was teaching. So I think your handouts that the kids have to physically interact with -- like the margin notes and the glueing of quotes -- is exactly the right thing to help focus young minds, keep their interest, and fix the lessons in their minds. You're such a smarty! You go, girl!