Thursday, October 31, 2013


I must admit, I am terrible when it comes to Halloween.
Let's talk about pumpkins first.
Brian can carve a mean pumpkin.
One year, he carved an eyeball.

The kids were still in the painting phase.

Then the next year...
Well, lets just blame medical school.
Or maybe the squirrels.

So, the next year I was determined to tackle those pumpkins.
But before I knew it, it was the day before Halloween
and our pumpkins were still bare.
So I quickly got out the white and black paint.


This year, Brian was so ambitious, he got us 6 HUGE pumpkins, 
and we got 4 tiny pumpkins from the cider mill.  
He knows how I am with pumpkins.  
So, Tuesday night.  
Three-ish days before Halloween instead of one (I'm improving), 
we got around to a mix of painting and a little carving.

Now, what to do with those 5 leftover pumpkins?
Perhaps we will paint them for Thanksgiving.
Most likely...
we will be feeding the squirrels again.


  1. One word--IMPRESSIVE!!!! What a great job everyone did on those pumpkins!! Yahoo--that is quite an achievement since ours are sitting on our porch uncarved. Brian did it again!! Spooktacular! Love the kids spookiness too!!. It looks like you are ready for Halloween night and all the fright!! And then most of all--LOVE the pictures of those amazing kids. And BTW--REALLY love all of you!!!

  2. I loved the sweet picture of all of your kids together!! They are such sweet children! And you are such a good mom!!

  3. That's a lot 'o pumpkins! Love the small pumpkin being eaten by the big pumpkin -- what a hoot! Great pumpkin-carving skills! Love the pics of the kids painting their own -- super cute. Too late now -- but that was a lot of pumpkin pie fixings -- pumpkins and their seeds are highly nutritious -- next time, a little blender work and some eggs and brown sugar....wowee. But glad the squirrels got to enjoy this year! I know your squirrels are too aggressive, but I love our little guys and like to see them plump and happy.
    Love to see all of you and yours happy too!!!!