Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The Family School, Literature 1.6

What is true beauty?
Is it the way you dress?
Is it the way you do your hair?
Is it the color of your eyes?
What makes a person glow?
What makes a person smile?

Beauty is something that everyone seeks.
Even if you don't realize it, you are seeking beauty.
We seek beauty in our surroundings.
Our homes.
We seek beauty within ourselves.

The beauty that is worth the most?
Lasting Beauty.
Beauty that is kindness.
Beauty that is honest.
Beauty that is cheerful.
Beauty that is compassionate.
Beauty that you can see even when it is dressed in rags and covered in soot.

What fairy tale did we read?
You guessed it.

You can read The Blue Fairy Tale version here.
Or you can go to the library and find as many versions as you can!

We had a lot of fun reading Cinderella from cultures around the world.

Here are the handouts I made for the kids notebooks.

We read the talk "True Beauty" by Elder Lynn G. Robbins.
You can you read it here.

Handout number 1.

I also gave them a quote by David B. Haight.
Hand out number 2.

We watched another Adventures from the Book of Virtues episode.  The last tale on this episode is a native american version of Cinderella, called The Rough Faced Girl.
You can watch it here.

I made the kids this coloring page.
Handout number 3.

They colored it while they watched the Disney version of Cinderella.
Just because...

You can get the PDF of these handouts at my TPT store for free.
Hop on over and get it here.

If you download it from there, it would be wonderful if you would rate it for me!

Once again, if you would rather not get the PDF from my TPT store, let me know in the comments and I will make it available on my blog as well.

I hope enjoy it!


  1. I love this post!! What a priceless lesson to teach to those cuties and share all your feelings about it!! We live in a world that needs this!! I am excited to go to TPT and download those handouts. I love how striking they are. It's so easy to leave feedback and comments, that I will do that for sure. Thank you again for sharing. This is a great FHE for every family and you provide everything to make it special!! I absolutely love the quote. That is a great one for everyone. Grown-ups need that too.

  2. AMAZING! You are making me want to homeschool my kids! I will always remember what you told me about teaching my children. Clear back in Kirksville (a lifetime ago!) I was struggling with teaching Samantha her letters- and I was coming to the realization that I wasn't a very good (secular sp?) teacher. You told me that what was most important is that we teach our children about the gospel etc. and that even though I couldn't teach my children math,science etc I knew that I could bring into our home what was most important- the teachings of the gospel. Thank you for that reminder.

  3. Wonderful thoughts. Wonderful lesson. You've just brought back a very old memory. I got a watch for my birthday when I was, oh, 6 or so. A Cinderella watch (the Disney one) with a blue band. I loved that watch and wore it for years. I loved the idea of princesses, like all little girls. But you know a funny thing, I never thought about trying to be beautiful, or worrying that I wasn't. Rather, I remember wanting to carry myself like a princess, to have inner nobility, a gracious manner, and...good posture! I have no idea how I picked up those ideas, I know it was from books, but what books?! Well, you're a princess to me, and Rylee and Molly are princesses too, and Brian and Bryce and Johnny noble princes. We all can be, deep inside, can't we?