Monday, September 16, 2013

The Tree of Learning

I love that with family school, we are incorporating the gospel with all of our learning.  One of our lessons was on the Tree of Learning.  Parly P. Pratt said this,

"Theology is the science of all other sciences…the very foundation from
which they [all other sciences] emanate. It includes, philosophy, astronomy,
history, mathematics, geography, languages, the science of letters, and
blends the knowledge of all matters of fact, in every branch of art and
research…originated by this science [theology] and this science alone, all
other sciences [subjects] being but branches growing out of this root"

All that we learn emanates from God.  That is what is so exciting about learning and understanding.  The more knowledge that we gain from the world around us, the more knowledge we gain of God.  If we seek truth, we will find it.

I love the symbolism of a tree.

In family school we talked about how all of the subjects we are learning can be likened to a tree. This lesson can be found for free in Family School Foundation: A Parent Guidebook, lesson 3.  I drew a tree for my kids to color as we talked about what it means.

I also made a color version.

I also gave each of the kids a list of the subjects and their definitions.


  1. I love how creative you are!! What an inspiring curriculum for your Family School. I wish I was there to glean from it, help you out a bit, and see the learning happening. I love the tree you drew!! Where did you get that talent? It is fun to see what you create that enriches all you are doing for those cutesters of yours. Thanks for sharing!! Love you all!!!

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  3. Great to see illustration working to delineate ideas -- I'll try to incorporate drawings more. I'd guess that the combination of words and pictures is more powerful for learning than either alone. You sure do it well -- your kids are so lucky to have you for a teacher! Also I'm very impressed with how technical you are -- your chart of definitions appeared in a scroll box! I haven't even figured out how to put my photo on LinkedIn yet! Also, good thinking to add the copyright notice to your work!
    Lots of love to all,