Sunday, September 8, 2013

Don't step around

I have this goal.
I want to see how many days in a row,
I can study and ponder the scriptures.
Not just read them.
I want to really know what the Lord is teaching me.

I always feel so determined when I start.
I usually put a day 1.

Then a day 2.

And I might get all the way to day 4.

Then I miss a day or 2.
So I don't write day anything.

Then I miss a few months,
because I have spent them in UT, and didn't have the room to bring all my scripture study equipment.
So I write a smallish day 1,
and start the cycle all over again.

I'm trying to get back into a rhythm.
I was reading 1 Nephi chapter 19.

Verse 7 says:

I am not a trampler.

I know what is of great worth to me and my family,
both body and soul.

I don't trample...

I was talking to Brian about this scripture and he said:

"Don't step around them either"

My husband says some profound things.
And this was one of them.
I don't trample.
But I might do some stepping around.

Guess what.
I got sick.
I missed a few days...again.

But I'm not discouraged.
Here is to another day 1!


  1. I am so glad you shared your scripture journal with us. I love it!! I love how creative and interesting it is. What a treasure for you now and for your posterity. It is great to push forward even amid our imperfections and keep going on our scripture study. Keep sharing cause it sure is inspiring me. we sure miss and love you all!!

  2. Jena,
    Great opportunity here. I'm wondering if you might be making things too complicated and that you could be setting more productive goals. I'll write you a separate email with my thoughts. Thanks for sharing your journal -- it's great to see it!!
    All my love,