Sunday, September 29, 2013

Life's Mission

Last week we read the Fairy Tale, The Nightingale, by Hans Christian Andersen.

I love this illustration by levgen Kharuk

This fairy tale gave us a lot to talk about.

We discussed the internal and external characteristics of each bird.

We talked about how each bird, the Real Nightingale, and the Mechanical Nightingale had a purpose.  The Real Nightingale's purpose was to comfort and sooth people. The Real Nightingale brought people lasting happiness.  The Mechanical Nightingale's purpose was to look beautiful and sing the same song over and over.  Its purpose was not lasting.  It gave the people a temporary happiness.  Because it is mechanical, it doesn't have internal characteristics.

Each of us has a purpose.

The kids lit up as I told them the wonderful things that I see in each of them.  Then they had a chance to tell each other about the things they love to do and things that they would like to become better at.  We talked about how each of these gifts from the Lord, can help us find our mission.

We became "life's mission" detectives.

I asked the kids if they would rather be like the Real Nightingale or the Mechanical Nightingale.  They recognized that although the Mechanical bird was beautiful, they would rather be like the Real Nightingale and bring people joy.

We decided that we will work as a family to discover our missions.  We will help each other to focus on things that can bring lasting joy instead of temporary happiness.


  1. What a fun post!! Love that illustration also. I had fun copying and pasting in word to make copies of all the cool things you made for this lesson (and the others in earlier posts) with those cute kids. You never out-grow such inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing so we can use it also!! I copied the fairy tale--love the illustrations in that also--copied one for us and one for Eden, cause I think she will love it too. Can't wait to read it with Dad. Boy--I wish I could be there for your lessons. They are cool!! I am thankful you share them!! You re-evaluate you life mission through every stage of life, so I had fun copying all of those and will put them in my journal and have fun pondering and reaching, be a "life mission" detective too, and have something eye-catching in my journal. Thanks again!! Tell the kids to reread the notes I sent them on some of the things we love about them cause I never want them to forget how amazing we know they are. Thanks again!! Sure do love you all!!

  2. Speaks to me! You betcha! You can tell the kids that, based on my own life experience, many times I was very resistant to changing myself -- it felt like I would be losing something of who I was. But with every change I was sooo happy afterwards. Keep on searching! I will too!
    Love you all bunches and bunches!!

  3. I love this blog so much. Love your insights and your beautiful illustrations. Have you listened to Stravinsky's "Song of the Nightingale" that tells this story? It's interesting music.

  4. I love this post Jena! It gives me a lot to think about!!!