Monday, September 16, 2013

4 Ring

This is our sixth year of homeschooling.
We have tested and tried many different methods and curriculum.
We have found a lot of amazing ways to learn.
We have also found some very dry and boring ways to "sort of" learn.

We are so excited about Family School.
We are learning with enthusiasm!
It is just what we needed.

This is how we learn.
First, we Research.
We need to acquire knowledge of what we are studying.  We are trying to do this from really good books.  Last year we tried to do our learning from a textbook approach.  We actually used textbooks.  You know, the kind you had to wrap in old paper grocery bags or used wrapping paper. Ya, that kind.

Well, that was a mistake.

We don't love textbooks.  So we research through "living" books.  It is a lot more enjoyable.  "The better the source, the better the reasoning and conclusions that are drawn from the source." (Family School Foundations: A Parent Guidebook)

Not only do we read from great books, but we also use all of our senses to experience what we learn. We want to acquire as much truth as we can.

Second, Reason.
The kids are expected to think about what they learn.   We aren't just attempting dump information into their brains so that they can throw it up on a test, then forget it.  We want them to think about the why's and how's.  This is where they get to reflect and ponder what was researched.

Third, Relate.
Why do all of this learning if we aren't going to use it?

Last, Record.
"When we write about what we have learned, we make it our internal property." (Family School Foundations: A Parent Guidebook)

Each of the kids have their own notebooks for each subject.

Sometimes they grumble about the recording.  Then they pull out their notebooks, look at their hard work, and get so much joy from seeing what they have accomplished.  It is so rewarding.

Awhile back I got a Bamboo Wacom for school.  I love to doodle.  I thought it would be fun to make my own coloring pages for the kids.  I have finally gotten to use it!  It is trickier than I thought.  It isn't exactly high tech.  My sketches look a little "wiggly", if that makes sense.   I'm not a fantastic artist.  But, I'm starting to get the hang of it.  I made this for the kids when we did the 4 Ring lesson.

If you are also doing Family School, here it is as a fill in the blank for the kids.

We love the 4 R's!
Learn more about the 4 R's of learning in Family School Foundation: A Parent Guidebook.


  1. I love seeing the notebooks all put together and in the shelves. They look good!! I also love the 4 R's. What a perfect formula for learning for all of us. That is cool how you can draw freehand and print it up like that. Amazing technology + talent! The art of reasoning has been lost in much of today's educational process. It is refreshing to know it is still valued and taught. We want our children to know how to collect the facts and deduct for themselves. Love it!!! Keep having fun! Miss you all!!

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  3. I think I would have liked learning a whole lot more your way! I liked 2nd and 3rd grade - that's it! We lived in Eugene and I think it was just 2 good teachers. I didn't really enjoy learning until I grew up and started reading and talking to Dan. He taught me to THINK about what I read and to question. It's SO much more rewarding to learn when you can reason. I owe Dan so much. Your kids will really value all they learned - especially the reasoning, which is such an all-purpose tool -- when they're older. I bet they kinda like it now too though!

    Give them all kisses & hugs from Aunt Sue and Uncle Dan!