Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Post it notes


This is Art Fry.
He co-invented the post it note.

Why you should carry post it notes in your back pocket.

#1. Lists.
Do you ever remember you need something,
then forget
when you are making your list?

I do.

All. The. Time.

When I have post it notes in my pocket...
I write it down!

#2. Memories.
You know when your baby girl says the cutest thing, and you promise to remember what it was so you can tell the hubby when he gets home.  And then you can both laugh and talk about how adorable your baby girl is...but when he gets home, you can't remember what she it isn't as funny...or adorable...because you forgot.

Well, you should have Post-ed it.

That's right.  Just take that little sticky note out of your pocket and write it down, right away.

Then it will still be funny and adorable.

#3 Inspiration.
I find, that when I am seeking to learn, the Lord teaches me.  When I have these magical post it notes with me, I can't believe how much more frequently I am given little drops of inspiration.  It is incredible!

I keep them on my night stand, too.

When I can't sleep because my brain has too many things it is thinking about, I can dump it on my post it and then I can fall asleep, because I know that what I have emptied out of my brain, will still be on my reliable little sticky note.

What do I do with all of those post its, you ask?

I slap them in my journal!

Are you convinced?


  1. I am so glad I saw you do this when you were here in Utah, taking notes in Sunday School class on post-it notes and then putting them in your journal. I have been having so much fun with that. Why is it so much more enjoyable to reread your thoughts, inspiration from the Lord and others, when it is not written in a long style like you're writing a paper? Now, when I look over my journal or scripture study journal again, I see the thoughts and smile all over again. What a great idea this is to share. Now I just wish I could be equally as creative cause it sure puts a fun spark in life. Thanks for sharing again (and forgive my double publish again if that's what happens again--I need Rachel or Byron's help here to figure this out!!) Love you all!!

  2. Whoa--it didn't double publish it!! Yahoo!! I keep forgetting to say how much I love seeing our cutesters in the pictures. I look at them all the time, over and over and over again, and smile and smile!! Tell them we miss them and love them very much!!

  3. I love that you do this. I do the same thing conceptually. Only I write on 3x5 cards, or on 3x3 little note pads (one, with pen, in each coat pocket and one by the bed). However after seeing your notes in real life (great pics!), I'm starting to get feelings of inadequacy because yours look so ARTISTIC, and so NEAT. You should see the note I wrote last night -- looks like a 3-year old wrote it (of course, I wrote it in bed in the dark, by feel). I would definitely not want to tape that in my journal -- I'll transcribe it instead. It was a good thought though, so I guess I'll be satisfied with note content and with the satisfaction of having a really creative and artistic niece who's also cute and fun and wonderful.
    Love you to pieces!