Monday, January 27, 2014


I made this to go with The Family School, Literature 1.16
The border is one that I drew.  You can find it here.
The Fonts I use are KB Talking Loudly
and Things We Said


  1. What cool word art. I LOVE your designs. They just plain make me smile and feel happy! I am going to check out your border cause I love it. I have created many, many things with your creations and they make everything I do so much fun!! I love what this says and it is so true!! There are some people who just light up your life and you are so grateful for them. Kind of like what you do on this blog, where you try to inspire hearts and bring inspiration into life. I love it and I am extremely grateful. You always make me want to be better and live at a higher level. I am lucky, lucky, LUCKY, and BLESSED!!! Thank you again!!.

  2. This is a great, great quote. I've been reading different philosophies lately and a lot stress service. One service anyone can do, no matter time, money or ability, is to live an example to others. Very powerful and helpful for those onlookers who have ears to hear and eyes to see! (Of course some have neither.) Example is sort of the widow's mite of service. Nifty! And a gorgeous and happy-feeling poster to remind daily. Thank you, thank you! And throw another log on the fire -- I shiver just thinking of you all!! You've got my love if that will help keep you warm!