Friday, January 24, 2014

Dazings #1

We walk two dogs now.  
Neither are our own.
We even walk them when it is only 4 degrees F.
We are good dog walkers.

Baby Sitter.
I met a swim mom the other day.
We were both waiting for our boys to get out of the Locker room.
(Why are boys so slow? )
She thought I was the baby sitter.

I do not like matching socks.
As in finding, sorting and matching socks.
When I was a mere child, I remember that my friend had to safety pin her socks.
I thought that was strange.
Now I'm a mom.
No longer a child.
I think I may invest in some safety pins.

I ran.
5 minutes.
That is what I'm allowed right now.
2 and a half years.
That is how long it has been.
I ran.

It is bitterly cold.
This is so not working for me.
Can it at least crawl into the double digits?
Negative digits are painful.
I think I'm getting bitter.


  1. DOGS: the doggies thank you! Do they wear coats? I hope everyone else wears coats!
    BABY SITTER: It may be Wiley genes. Every since I was about 25, people have always guessed I was about 10 years younger than I am. Mom too. When you're 50 you'll be glad!
    SOCKS: do you mean 1) you don't like having to match them up when you're sorting clean laundry? Or do you mean 2) you don't like to wear the same color on both feet? If you go with #2, you could save a lot of time sorting clean laundry!
    RUN: Congratulations! Continue to be careful and cautious and I'll bet you'll make it back up to where you were!
    BITTER: Yow! Lots of negative degrees for you this month! Are you wearing enough down and fleece? Are you keeping the house temperature up a little higher than normal (you need to despite what the thermometer says). Can you walk the dogs INSIDE the house?

  2. Love your random dazing!!!! I always crack a smile when someone thinks you are a teeny-bopper!! With the RUNNING you are doing now, you'll be in youngin' shape for years to come. YAHOO!!! At this time, you will even take 5 min. How did it feel? I am glad it is you walking a dog in single digits and NOT ME!!!! You are faithful friends!! That does sound bitterly cold!! BTW--LOVE the free heart clip art you put on TPT. Love all you create--so bright, colorful, and fun!! I use your clip art all the time. It has made my life so much easier. Thank you!! Thank you!!

  3. Jena, you are amazing!! You have SO many talents, seriously, what can't you do?? So inspiring! Great job on your talk today, btw.