Monday, February 3, 2014

Clothes Pin People

On Saturday the kids were feeling a wee bit stir crazy.
We are currently without vehicular transportation.
The weather is freezing us out (or rather in).
And it is only February.
So we have no where to go but upstairs, downstairs, downstairs again, or downstairs one more time.
In case you didn't follow that,
we live in a 1950's quad.
Oh yeah.
We are cool like that.

Back to the stir crazy part.

I went to my designated craft storage space.
A.K.A "the yellow room",
(so named because I painted it yellow).

As I was noting my supply stash,

I had some childhood flashbacks of making 
toothpick people,
clothed with embroidery floss.

I rounded up some necessary doo-das,
gave a few instructions (or are they "destructions" when kid crafting?)

Then I left the kids to their own devices.

I think they turned out pretty cute.

The cool-o-roonies even made their clothespin dolls their own abode.
Not too shabby.
I wish I had a pom-pom pillow.
Check out the size of that medal she is wearing.
I wonder what she won?


  1. That is the coolest way to do crafts--go to the craft room and see what the supplies will produce!! What a fun craft and I must say, the cool-o-roonies did an amazing job creating!!! Very cool clothespin people! I always love seeing the boy twist to crafts, so loving the pants!! Every home needs a little bling; cool job, cool-o-roonies!! Are those plates with food I am seeing? I think you thought of everything--a place to sleep, a place to eat, a place to party, a place to win medals....and to top it off, Saturday turned out fun!! Hope the vehicular transportation gets worked out quickly and the weather stops freezing you in!! That's some pretty long blonde hair I am seeing in ponytails, and two beautiful sisters and the coolest brother!! Thanks for sharing your creative Saturday with us!! We sure love all of you and your fun creations!!!!

  2. Wow, super-cute clothes-pin people! (Super-cute clothes-pin people makers too!) All the kids take after their creative Mom. The house, the pillow, the medal are all great. See, if it wasn't for being snowed it (or frozen in) those clothes-pin people wouldn't exist, so there's a good side to everything (I think). Now everyone can rest under cozy comforters, sipping Ovaltine with mini marshmallows, into which they dip vanilla wafers, while watching Leave It To Beaver -- which I just did (the watching part, not the Ovaltine - actually, I was exercising).
    What's a 1950's Quad?
    Love you all!! Hope it gets warm and your car gets fixed. (Did I tell you that about a month ago both our cars AND my bicycle were broken all at the same time? Dan had to walk 1/2 hour to the storage locker and carry home the battery charger just to get one vehicle working.)