Friday, January 10, 2014

aimster kids

I'm really excited about my new clip art.
I have been sketching and doodling.
I'm really happy about how these turned out.

Drum roll please.

The Aimster kids!
These kids are always aiming for something.
These girls love to dream big.
(I apologize for another play on my blog name...)

My first bundle is the "Dream Big" bundle.

Get the Aimster Girls: Dream Big

I have also made a new logo.
If you use any of my images in your work, please add a logo and link to my TPT store.

Thank you!


  1. These look so cool with the shading you have added!! I love these for all my grandchildren. They have such fun with them. Wish you were here to see it cause it would make you smile!! Bought your bundle. Love it and the surprise in it!! I didn't realize this girl is not in the bundle, so that was a treat when I discovered that. These girls are so cute. It is obvious you love creating them and we are going to have fun with them. Can't wait until people discover you. I keep pinning your fun creations (but I don't have many followers). Keep having fun creating cause I love seeing my collection grow. I have used your clip art soooooooo much!!

  2. Really cute girls! Reminds me of the paper dolls I used to LOVE playing with when I was about that age. But of course your Aimster Kids are much more contemporary-looking than mine were. And they come with their own goals! I wish I'd known about the concept of goals when I was young -- it was kind of a new concept to me once I was grown. Your Aimster Kids will help kids understand some of those types of important tools for dealing with life as they grow up. Be prepared!

  3. Their cheeks are sort of Holly Hobby-ish. I know wayyyyy before your time. I think they are so adorable. Very in tune with today's kid!


  4. I tried to comment twice on this and it kept erasing--weird!! I think these little girls remind me of the flanagirls--their hairdos and all. SO cute!