Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Felt Toys

I found this fantastic book a few years ago.
I had great plans for this book.
I was going to make a lot of fun toys.
Somehow it just never happened.
That book just sat around taunting me.

This is the book.

My girls have been begging me to make that deer for years.
This Christmas I finally did it!

It was a lot of fun!
I used this tutorial.
It made a huge difference to use packing tape when cutting out the pieces.
Now I have the pieces stored in an envelope, ready to make more!

I already have some tiny dogs cut out and ready to sew.


  1. Oh-I know about that taunting!! It can go on for years and years. Infact, I have some things taunting me at this moment-HA! Those are ADORABLE (not as adorable as that cute girl, however!!!!!). I never knew about felt toys, I'm so glad you shared this!! They look absolutely professional!! WOW! I am impressed! I can see how these girls love them. They aren't floppy like stuffed animals, so they can really have fun playing with them. And that is a pretty great tutorial on cutting out felt. It is a total pain to cut out, I agree!! What a complete gift of love, because I know how many things eat up your time. Those will be treasured forever!! That's great the dogs are cut-out. I find if I do that, I actually get it done!! Can't wait to see those!! Congrats on stopping the taunting!!!

  2. Wow, so cute! I know what you mean about taunting. Probably about 10 years ago I had a 2ftx4ft N-guage train set that taunted me for years, because I only got it about 1/8th done and then never lifted a finger. It was fun at first, but I just wasn't willing to put in the time that a train hobby requires. After awhile, as I piled things on it, it became a storage board. Last year I finally unpiled and took the board down. Now, looking back I realized that I'd "been there, done that" and trains were fun at the time and as a memory but I'd moved on, so it was fine to take the set down and forget about it. (Of course that's very different from making things for little ones who are begging you!). Speaking of which, please give big hugs and kisses to the not-so-little ones for me!