Saturday, March 8, 2014

Clowning Around

I started my Teachers Pay Teachers store in October 2013.
I really didn't have big plans for it.
My plan was simple
Share things that I made for my own children.
If people happened to find them useful, great.
I put up my first free product.
My Butterfly Life Cycle worksheet.
I didn't think about it for awhile, then one day, I checked on it, and what do you know, people were actually downloading it!
I was quite surprised.

Gradually, I have been adding to my store.
Free and For Sale.

One of my favorite things to do is doodle.
So I doodle and make my drawings into digital images.
I use my drawings to make handouts, worksheets and coloring pages for my own children.
I put the finished drawings and borders in my TPT store so that others can do the same.

It has been fun!
Plus, I continue to learn new ways to improve my work.

Then I found Deb.
Actually, she found me.
She happened to stumble upon my store and left me feedback for one of my free packs.
I asked her if she would consider helping me with ideas for building my clip art collection.
I wanted to make images that teachers would use.
I told her that if she gave me suggestions, I would be happy to make them for my store.

That led to my

Ice Cream Shoppe clip art
And my
Flower Shop clip art

Check out what she made here and here.

She was kind enough to feature me on her blog.
And she let me be a part of a giveaway that celebrated 2000 followers on her TPT store.
That led to me getting some new followers.

That sparked a small flame inside of me.

It made me wonder.
If 158 people like my products enough to follow my TPT store,
maybe, just maybe, more people would like my style as well.

So far I have not tried to do anything aside from posting new products to attract more followers.
Perhaps I should give a little incentive to get more people to my store...

So, I'm going to start featuring my new products here, on this blog.
Each time I make a new set,
I'm going to give you one of my images for free.
What do you think?
Is that a good idea?
Will you follow me if I give you something?
(What? Did I just bribe you to follow me?  I guess so.)

I just finished "Clowning Around".
It was fun to draw!
Thank you Deb for the suggestion.  I love it!

Drum roll please....

This set is great for making coloring pages, decorating a bulletin board, using for your scrapbook and so much more.  It even has juggling balls that can be labeled and journaled on.  Add the banner to any project to give it a little zip.

Come visit my store and get it here:

Do you want to see my free clown?

Colored and lined!
That's right, I know what you want.

These images are free for personal use and commercial use.
If you are using them for commercial use, I would appreciate it if you gave me the credit for the clown by adding a link to my TPT store or blog.

Make sure you follow me so you can always know when I put up a new product and of course a free image!

If you would like me to draw something to add to my clip art collection, let me know!  Most likely, I will make it happen.


  1. It is wonderful to see the exciting things happening for you!! I can't tell you how much I love the bright colors in these clowns!! How unique compared to everything else that is out there. I always like it when you give your creative ideas for using your creations also. I hope you get lots of support in your exciting endeavor! You create and share many free things in your TPT shop, very nice of you to keep doing that. I'll make sure that I pin your creations. I bet others will post them on Facebook. Good luck and have fun with your doodling!!

  2. I LOVE this idea! I look forward to getting in on some free clips, and what a fantastic way to share your latest creations! Also, I couldn't be happier that I "found" you on TpT! I absolutely LOVE everything you've created from my requests...each and every set has far exceeded my vision! I can't wait to see what you add to your store in the future!
    Crafting Connections

  3. Hi,

    I'm your latest follower here on Bloglovin'. Love the clowns! I've been following you on TPT for a while. :)

    Thanks for the freebie!


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