Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Aimster Girls: Shooting for the Stars

Drawing these girls was so much fun.
My favorite part was that my daughters and nieces begged me to print out big copies for them to color, cut out and play with.

You can use these girls for a lot of imaginative play by printing them on cardstock.
You can either let your children color their own, or use the already colored images.
My girls love playing "dolls" with the aimster girls and boys.

I think I might make them into finger puppets too.
Like my Little Red Riding Hood finger puppets.

And my Christmas finger puppets.

What do you think?
Should I do it?

Enough chit chat.

Here they are!

You can get them at my TPT store.

See how Deb used my Shooting for the Stars girls and boys over at her store.

Now for your free image.

Terms of Use:
My free clipart is just that "free".  You are free to use it for personal and commercial use (obviously you can't sell my actual image..).  If you do use it for commercial use, such as your TPT products, it would be wonderful if you gave me the credit for the image and help me spread the word about my store!  Thank you!


  1. These are such fun images! As you know, I put them to use in a Parts of Speech resource I created, but as I was working on it, the images caught the attention of my I think I will take your idea and print the entire set (girls and boys) and cardstock for them to play with - they'll love it! Thanks again!
    Crafting Connections

  2. Just as cute as the boys!! Which is plenty!! I would have loved these when I was a kid...paper doll were us!

  3. As usual your graphics are unique, colorful, and fun!! Love these girls. I have printed all of your Aimster kids to be colored and played with and they will love these also. I am glad you keep creating. Thanks for sharing on your blog and for creating for TPT. Love your borders!! I use them over and over again!!!!