Monday, February 24, 2014

Dazings #2

Molly got her arm stuck in the bleachers.
She was reaching for a dime.
I thought we were doomed.
Visions of a chainsaw and red flashing lights
danced in my head.
Coach Crosby saved the day with a metal chair.
Molly said,
" I am definitely NOT doing that again...
that was PAIN."

Our roof leaks.
Apparently the culprit is an ice dam.
You should see our insane icicles.
Brian had to shovel our roof.
We shovel our roof.

Wouldn't it be cool if there were such thing as
a white hair magnet?
I put my hair in a half up do.
Six white hairs were hanging out under there.
Wish I had a white hair magnet.
They would be way easier to pull.

I grabbed Molly's hand so she wouldn't fall.
I fell.
And took us both down.
We got up.
Molly said,
"Don't worry, I'll hold your hand so you don't fall."
In case you were wondering,
it definitely hurts
to fall on a knee
that has

Off we go
into the wild blue


  1. Oh my--life has a way of catching-up to you doesn't it??? You had me sighing, cringing, laughing, and smiling with this post!! I am so glad Molly's arm is okay and you didn't need flashing red lights to the rescue. That sounds awful to fall on ice on a knee with screws. Yikes--screws by themselves sound bad enough, let alone falling on them!! I am so glad you have Molly looking out for you from now on!! Brain shoveling the roof? Did he wear a harness so he wasn't the one needing the flashing lights of rescue? I bet you have some award winning icicles after the winter you have had. Do they practically touch the ground? A white hair magnet might be a good idea for you, but for some (not sure who that would be), it would mean near baldness. HA!! And for the wild blue yonder--YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pain: I remember when I was little and Dad accidentally slammed the car door on my hand. Yow! I sympathize with Molly and with you!
    Ice: an ice dam is mean. Best is to prevent it from happening. Hopefully the snow will finally melt and you guys can get the roof fixed. Poor Brian!
    Magnet: you may have Wiley genes. Mom and I both started going white in our 20's. Mom dyed. In her 40's she finally let it grow out and her hair had turned totally white! I decided then I wanted to see the transition.of my hair. You know what happened? The whole time from my 20's through my 50's I would get compliments (from total strangers) on my beautiful hair color. One period I had mostly dark hair with a big white streak in front.Countless women would stop and ask who did my streaking because it looked so great. I'll bet the exact same thing will happen to you. In my 50's, my hairdresser, who also loved my hair color, said if anyone asked who did my color, say it was him. I said, actually, it was God.
    UT: so glad you could go! How long are you staying? Give all a hug from me.