Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mini Goal Book

I had an activity last month for the 8 to 12 year old girls that I teach.
I divided the girls into 2 groups.
I gave one group a game with no instructions.
I gave the other group a puzzle without a picture to look at.

Then I gave them 5 minutes to play the game and put together the puzzle. 

They were definitely confused.

 When the time was up, I asked them what was missing.


I asked if it would have been more fun if they would have had instructions and a picture to look at for the puzzle.  It was unanimous.  Instructions would have made it a lot more  enjoyable.

Then we talked about how Heavenly Father has a plan for us.
He didn't just send us to earth and say "Good Luck".


He gave us instructions.
He gave us scriptures.
He gave us a living prophet and apostles.

He gave us parents.
He gave us leaders.
And so much more.

He gave us His Son!

He gave us a PLAN.

He wants us to get back to Him and He gave us everything to be able to accomplish that.

We need a plan too.

I gave each of the girls a mini goal book.

They made their plan.

I made the goal books with my hand drawn borders.  Then I sewed them down the center with my sewing machine. 

If you would like a mini goal book, you can get a black and white version and a color version from my TPT store for free!

Please leave me some feedback and let me know how you like it!


  1. What a fabulous idea you had for getting the idea of goals across to those girls!! Gets right to the heart of the matter and makes the lesson totally understandable, and their minds totally open to the new idea. The mini goal book is terrific. Starting early is key to building habits and the underlying concepts behind them. And I love the Dieter Uchtdorf quote. He is my fav. It seems like everything he says hits the nail on the head and speaks relevantly to me. Dan and I have always had specific goals we're pursuing. Did you know that many people never think in terms of goals at all, they just go day to day (on impulse I guess). I don't know how they manage to get through life. Job well done, Jena!!!!

  2. Love your thoughts about this and love this mini goal book you created. How wonderful to know that there is a plan and we can understand it plainly. What a difference this makes in our lives! Those girls are sure lucky to have a fun activity about this and wouldn't it be wonderful to discover the power of goals in your life at a younger age? This book is great for all ages. I am going to your shop and downloading this for my grandchildren-definitely leaving you feedback.. What a great resource your shop is for many things. You also share generously. Thank you tons. I sure appreciate all you share with others!