Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Book of Aim Zing

I have put my heart and soul into this book.
It is pages and pages of sketching and doodling.

It is one of a kind.
It is bright.
It is inspiring.
It is ready!

For years and years I have put together a goal book for me and my mom.  Every year I think I have it just right.  Some how I always find a way to change it and evolve it into a "better" version.  This year I wanted to make a book that  included all of the changes that I have made through the years that have made it just a little bit closer to the "perfect" goal book.

I wanted there to be a lot of boxes.

Boxes for doodling.
Boxes for quotes.
Boxes for thoughts.
Boxes for things to do.
Boxes for things the kids say and do.

I wanted there to be a lot of color.
I wanted there to be order.
I wanted motivational words on the pages.

I wanted it to be something that others would want to use.
I want you to be inspired.
I want you to use this book to change your life.

Become a lover a life.


The Book of Aim Zing

Wait for it...

This book with give you a place to "Aim".  You can use as much or as little "Zing" as your heart desires.

Make your life amazing ("aimzing"...get it?  I totally rocked that title.)

I think one of my favorite parts is the Cover page.  I love how it came together.  I totally gave myself a lot of pats on the pack and air high fives.  I might have even given myself a fist bump.  Yep.  I'm a nerd.  Oh wait, I'm giving myself a thumbs up right now.  Yep.  I am truly a nerd.

The Quote at the beginning.  Because I love pretty word art.  

More pretty words.


Goals for the year.



This planner is set up so that you make all the decisions.
I didn't put any labels on any boxes.
You decide what you want those boxes to be.

I gave this planner a lot of  "aim".

It is up to you to put your own "zing" into it.

What do you want to do with your life this year?
Do you want to have purpose?
Do you want to have aim and a place to put that aim?

If so, then this is for you.

186 pages of awesome-ness.

You can get it at my teacherspayteachers store.

If you are not a member of TPT you should be!  It is such a fantastic resource.  It is free to sign up and you get to be a part of this great community where parents and teachers are seeking to better our children.  Parents and teachers work really hard to offer a variety of handouts and resources.  Anyone can be a part of it!  There are so many free things to choose from too.  If you make comments you get credits that can go towards any purchases you make.  Pretty cool!


  1. I already downloaded and I am using this goal book now. I have written the personal goals that I want to work on for the month of January and it is made me think about what I want the New Year to be about for my life. I love it. It is such a fun book to use. If you want to use a page for meal planning , you can; or for things for your children, you can. It has great calendars and boxes for "to do" and most of all for goals to build the life you want for yourself. Thanks so much for creating this. I hope somehow it gets out into social media so others can enjoy it also. Thank you for all the hours you spent on this. It may take time, but when it gets out there, others will love it. Good luck!! We will all be hoping it goes wild on the web!!

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  3. WOW!! I bet that was so fun for you to complete!!! That's your BABY! Beautiful Illustrations and LOVED the details! We will post it on our facebook so our friends can see it for sure! Loved your Christmas/Email card! Loved the family pic!! You all look great! Happy New Year!

  4. P.S. Next book......Jena and Brian's Cook Book??

  5. This is so awesome, Jena. Wow! What a huge and complicated project. I'm not very Pinterest or Facebook savvy either, but I pinned it and liked it so hopefully I did it right! :) I really want to see the way you use it. I love making lists and keeping records of things but I've never used anything like this book so I want to see your ideas! Do you use it for school planning too? There are all kinds of things I think I could consolidate into one place…

  6. Hmm, it wouldn't let me finish my comment, but I was trying to say, I'm so proud of you for doing this book. I don't know why, since it's not like _I_ had anything to do with it, but I just think it's really fun to see you selling and making such professional, cool products. I guess it makes me feel like I'm cool for knowing you. :) And I second the cookbook idea! :)

  7. You are Aim-a Zing! That's so great you've put this in a form that others can use--I know you've been doing this type of book for years so I'm sure its perfected now! I'll put it on my fb, etc :) Great job! Your family pictures are beautiful too--love you guys! xoxoxo