Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dancing Toys

We went to our neighbors house today to wish her a happy birthday.
She just turned 86.
She is amazing.

This is our Ms. Ernie.

Every Christmas the kids can't wait to go to Ms. Ernie's house to play.

And yes,
they all sing and dance!


  1. That is the sweetest post, and anyone who knows Ms. Ernie knows what a dynamo lady she is; such a joy to be around. Happy Birthday to Ernie from us!! I know she loved having the cutesters playing with all those singing and dancing Christmas toys!! That is pretty cool. And in cold and snowy Utah, we are missing all of you so much!! We just got back from the play Scrooge and we wish you were with us!! Give Ernie a hug from us--and why don't you just head on over to our part of the country (wishing!!!!!!). Love you all!!

  2. Mrs. Ernie looks like a nice lady. All those stuffed animals! Reminds me of me! Only mine don't sing and dance, they just sit there looking cute. (But many do have theme songs.) Give all the cool-o-roonies a hug from us! Miss you. Love you!!!