Friday, December 13, 2013


One of the things that I get to do is work with 8 to 11 year old girls.
We get together twice a month and do activities.
This month I had the girls make joy magnets.

We talked about what brings us joy.
The gospel.
The Lord.
Serving others.
And don't forget cookies and candy...

We talked about how we are responsible for our own joy.

I made this for the girls.

Always put Jesus first, serve Others and You will have JOY!

I used my digital Jolly Christmas paper pack to make the quote and the magnets.

Here is a great tutorial showing how to make your own magnets.

Have you figured out what you are doing for your neighbors for Christmas?
This is my gift to you.
Make some JOY magnets.
I think they will make perfect neighbor gifts!
What do you think?


  1. WOW!! Thank you!! My goal for next week is to do my neighbor gifts and I was wondering what I wanted to do. You just came to my rescue!! Thank you so much!! This is the coolest idea for Christmas. I just copied and pasted everything in word and I am good to go. Thanks for leading my to a tutorial because I forgot how to make those. Btw--I bought your Christmas paper pack. What a great deal, and have used it for several projects for my grandchildren here. Thanks for creating it. I now have endless use of that paper!! Many are good for year-round use also. Loving it all!! I am excited about my neighbor gifts now!! Love and miss you all!!

  2. Jena, these are brilliant! I think maybe joy is the same for us oldsters as it is for 8-11-year-old girls.
    We don't have any friends outside of family (using the normal definition of friends) but our next-door neighbors are so great. Our front doors are at right angles and we share a stair. So every few years one of us buys matching cute doormats, and when those wear out the other one buys a new matching set. And we keep doggie treats just inside our front door to feed their dog, Blue, as he comes in and out of their door. And we watch out for each others' condos when one of us is away, pick up each other's papers, etc. They hung one of their 4 hummingbird feeders outside our kitchen window so we can see it. We wrap up their outside faucet every year when it gets near freezing. Other than being nice to each other, we don't have anything in common and we never socialize! But they've been the best neighbors ever. I don't know if this all counts as "serving" but I'm sure glad to have them as neighbors.

  3. Oh my heck those girls are the luckiest girls ever to have you for their leader! With your creativity, kindness and enthusiasm- you are the perfect person for this calling!

  4. Printing your handout for my VT gifts! Thanks Beauty!

  5. I have to tell you, I made 27 sets of the JOY magnets and put them with your handout and candy in a cellophane bag and delivered them to neighbors today!! Yea!!! Thank you! Thank you!! It was very quick and easy and I felt good about what I gave because it focuses on the right thought for Christmas. You are wonderful and a beauty (as Rachel said)!!