Friday, December 27, 2013

Goal Book

Do you like to set goals?
I'm most definitely a goal person.
There is something about the new year.
A chance to be a little better.
A fresh start so to speak.

I know.

You can be a little better every day.
It doesn't have to be the new year.
It doesn't have to be a Monday.
It doesn't have to be the first of the month.

(I'm totally that person that says..."I'll start Monday...")

Every new year, my mom and I have a tradition.
I make a new goal book.
We print it out.
We bind it.
We go all out.

I always think that I'll reuse last years goal book.
Not so.
Every year, I redo the whole thing.

Last year, I thought I had it perfect.

True to form,
I changed it again.

I have been putting a lot of hours into yet another new goal book.

I'm really pumped up about it.

Here is a sneak peek.

I guess you could call it a doodle goal book.
I did a lot of hand drawing for this thing!
It is full of color and motivational quotes.
I want it to be something that makes me excited to open it each day.

I still have some finishing touches to add to it,
and then...

this year I am going to make it available to everyone!
I have wanted to do this for so many years.
I can't believe I'm actually doing it.

That's the day.

I know.
I'm really cutting it close to the new year.

I'm kind of nervous...

If all goes as planned,
see you on Monday!


  1. AMAZING!!!! I have been looking at goal books all over the net and NOTHING comes CLOSE to this!! I love how colorful it is. What a difference it makes to be hand drawn. although I know you really had to sacrifice to do that!! I am going to feel happy just opening this planner/goal book. Anyone can use this however they want. It is very versatile. WOW--I am truly looking forward to setting my goals and working on them each week. Thanks for creating this. It is fantastic!! Can't wait until Monday, but I am going to check sooner cause I am that excited!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

  2. Dear Mrs. Amazing, (that's your new name because it seems like everything you do is amazing!)
    Golly, I'm totally intimidated. That's beautiful goal book. Entrancing even. What the heck is a goal book? I've never heard of such a thing. It sounds hard -- like now I have to remember to water the plants before they scream "water me" by wilting. And other things I keep meaning to get around to doing but don't. Is a goal book anything like my 2 dozen 3x5 cards with 15 things written on them, but only half crossed off of each, so I can never throw out a card because I never finish what's listed on any of them? Maybe my goal should be to transcribe all the not-crossed-off stuff from all the old cards onto new cards (wouldn't accomplish anything, but might make me feel better?). Can a goal be something like "read the book Jena gave me, and just let the laundry go? Or do I have to do them both? Poor confused me. I wonder if a beautiful goal book would help me accomplish more? Or maybe I'm just not ready for something as organized as a goal book yet. Maybe I'd better just keep muddling with the goal of having a goal book someday.
    Well, if my goal is to have the world's greatest niece, I've already accomplished that!! (Of course that's the world's greatest by-blood niece, because my by-marriage nieces are pretty nifty too.)
    Love you all, and happy almost New Year!!! (My big goal is to have the world's greatest family and I already do!!!!)