Thursday, October 17, 2013


I have been working on some fun things.
I can't wait to share them!
I just need to find more time...

In the mean time, we got our caterpillars in the mail over a week ago.
The kids are loving it.
They are all in an "I want to be an entomologist when I grow up" phase.
I wonder how long that will last?
We are waiting on one more to turn into a chrysalis, then we get to put them in their habitat.

I drew some pictures for this unit and made a handout and worksheet.

My kiddios always make me feel like a superhero when I give them something I drew.  It is really fun for me to make these for them.  I printed off large pictures and laminated them for our lesson.  

We are waiting anxiously for our butterflies to emerge!


  1. I never had cool, bright,fun, and colorful pages like this when I went to school. Those are so cool. I feel happy just looking at them!! You are a superstar. Don't you love being able to let your creativity go wild!? LOVE those cuties!! Miss them so much!! They look very into what they are learning. Be sure and post pictures of the stages. That looks fun!! Love you all!!!!

  2. So cool Jena!! Your drawings are awesome!

  3. Wow, cool. I already saw the turning-into-a-butterfly and releasing. Now I get to see the start. So that's how you got the butterflies in the first neat that you can send for them with all the equipment you need. What a terrific project! I'm so glad the kids were able to be part of the whole life-cycle of the butterflies, to see it all happening in front of them. Yours is just the greatest school ever!!!
    Lots of love to all.