Monday, October 21, 2013


Here are some handouts for Family School, Year 1, Geography, Lesson 2.

I had the older kids write a paper on standards.


  1. I can't believe you can create these!! They are amazing and once again you have created something that I can use for my life.I love the handout on "How to Live Righteously". That is something important for all of us to think about. It is going to be my journal entry today. Love the posters!! They are going in my book of inspiring thoughts!! LOVE all the things you create. Thank you! Thank you!! We sure miss all of you so much! We sure can tell the fun you are having with school this year. What an amazing curriculum. That's part of the reason you always sound so happy, I think!! Love you all very much!!!

  2. You got me to thinking (re the poster) about how helpful it is to have something written that you can refer to again and again. And (re the accompanying worksheet), how helpful it is to enhance understanding and cement concepts in memory to write about them. I had a quote I tore out of a magazine years ago that was on my wall at the foot of my bed for decades - - "Always value the love of wisdom, ethical conduct, virtue and good deeds" (Shimon Ben Yeshua 2nd century BC). A sign like that makes one look up and ask "Am I doing all that? Am I doing it well enough?" It kind of sears it inside. This was during adulthood, but checklists for living were good when I was a kid, trying to sort out what to do. I remember a tooth-brushing "seminar" in 2nd grade, the teachers using giant teeth to demonstrate. No handouts, but I've always brushed exactly the way I learned that day, all my life (adding some extra filips I learned along the way).
    So -- cool posters! Beautiful too!
    Love you!