Thursday, January 8, 2015

Aim Zing

It is time for a new goal book!
Time to get some "Aim" and add that "Zing"!

Are you ready for it?
Last year I made this one:

This year I made a few changes.
The biggest change is that it is perpetual!  That means that you can start it on your own time table.  We aren't all ready to start in January.  And that is perfectly fine.  You get to set the date.

Take a look!

My goal for this Aim Zing Planner was to give you plenty of space to plan, dream and doodle.  As always, I gave you plenty of my own doodles and words of inspiration. 

Be inspired to make your life...YOURS!

You can see how I used last years planner here:

and here:

Throughout the next few weeks I will be adding new half page to do lists and quarter page to do lists, and more.

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  1. My goal book/planner is printed and I am using it. I LOVE IT!!! It is not boring and plain. I love the colors and designs. Who knew planners could be fun and useful? I love how versatile it is. I can use the Mon-Fri page for a meal planning and grocery list page, a record of things the happened that day-like a journal, a list of goals, or things I want to get done--and I can print as many copies as I want of it for that week and use it for all those things. I have used many planners over the years and this one is perfect and inspiring to look at. Thanks for creating it with all those uses in mind and with a perpetual calendar so it is never out-dated. I can't wait for the half and quarter pages. I will copy those for many uses, just like I do the blank pages you created in the planner. I copy them to use in my journal, letters, notes, etc. Can't believe all the uses in what you have beautifully created. It's going to be one fantastic year of planning and goal-setting! FANTASTIC GOAL BOOK AND PLANNER!!!

  2. Beautiful, fun, inspiring! My 2014 AimZing has been so helpful. I was getting so caught up in the business, that I didn't have time for "life". By having a SEPARATE planner for "life" I was able to make lots of progress on my week, month, year and life goals. On the full-month calendar I put brief notes on "life" things that we've accomplished each day, then we read them at the end of the month to make ourselves feel good that we're actually moving ahead!
    Love you, love your planner!!