Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Goal Book Sneak Peak

I had intentions of posting here at least twice a week.

I really did!

Alas, it has not happened...

But, I do want you to know that I have been working on a new Aim Zing Goal Book /Planner!  I'm really excited about it.  This time I decided to make it perpetual.  That way you can start it at any time during the year.  It is full of doodles!

Here is a sneak peak.

My plan is to have it done by this weekend.  I really wanted to finish it at the beginning of the month.  That, obviously, did not happen.  But I will get it in my store before January!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season!

I love this time of year.

Here is some word art for you,
from me.



  1. Thanks for the sneak peek!! I am VERY excited about your new goal book! It looks spectacular!! I love the colors and design. That alone is inspiring! I used your 2014 goal book/planner and it was a life changer to focus on the things that matter most rather than just busy-ness (Although I used it for my "to do" lists and scheduling also).. It was powerful to write down monthly/weekly goals and have the things I do from day to day help me actually follow-through on those life changing things! Thanks so much for designing a goal book that makes me happy just to open up the pages and see your creative designs and colors!
    Thank you for the word art gift!! It is perfect! Love the message and will use it for neighbor gifts! What an important thing to remember! Thanks again! Can't wait for the goal book to be in your Teacher Pay Teacher!!

  2. Wonderful! Looks great, and so pretty it's happy-making. After a year of using my AimZing, I couldn't live without it. When Dan sees me writing in my AimZing, he knows I'm not doing "work" and that makes him happy too.
    Love you and Brian and the cool-a-roonies. Merry Christmas and gobs of love to you all.