Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I'm not sure if I am ready for this!

I love how beautiful the snow is.

I love getting out the sleds,
building snowmen,
drinking hot chocolate,
and wearing sweaters.

But I'm not sure if I love having snow around from November all the way to April.
That is a long winter.

Maybe smiling snowflakes will change my mind.

Have fun using these snowflakes in your projects!
They are free!
Get them here:


  1. Smiling snowflakes -- what a fabulous idea!! I wonder if they could be turned into clingys and stuck on a window? Love the pic of your adorable coolaroonie with a spring-looking dress and snowflakes in her hair!
    Here's hoping all the snow disappears, and the weather warms up...until Dec 24 that is, so you can have a white Christmas!
    MUCH Love to you all XXXOOO

  2. That is a beautiful girl with snow on her hair!! I bet the kids are enjoying all the fun that comes with snow. LOVE your smiling snowflakes!! I am going to have a lot of fun creating with grandchildren! Thanks for sharing! I am heading right over to TPT and downloading those and giving you the best rating possible!! You are the best!!