Thursday, June 12, 2014


Is it really June?

Is the snow really gone?

Where have I been?

I have a few good excuses.



Mammoth Cave

Lots of other super cool things...
I'm sure of it.



I still can't believe I get to draw for my job.


  1. More, I want more pictures!! You tease us with just a few. Amazing drawings!! A rare comment from your Dad! Love you all!!

  2. Love seeing those cousins together!! That is how it should be!! I can tell they had tons of Tennessee fun!!!! Your drawings are fantastic!! You really have been drawing up a storm. It really is unbelievable you get to draw for such an amazing project. It will inspire a lot of families!! Just look at all those pictures and I am sure that is not all of them. It will be great to see the finished project, won't it? Missing all of you!! We need a super-duper-duper slide from here to there!!

  3. So glad you all got to go to Tennessee! Looks like lots of fun and good weather too! So great to see all the cousins together. I remember a lot of fun with my cousins. Like sitting on the floor in a big circle and playing mass "solitare" with all the cards in the middle and you could put a card on anyone's pile, and move as fast as you could -- 1 game would last only a couple of minutes. Fast and noisy. Seems impossible, but I think you're getting to be an even better artist. Beautiful drawings! Bravo! Miss you all so much. Think of you all often,
    Lots of love!!! XXXXX OOOOO

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  5. Is your art going to be available for family school this coming year? We are just starting and I found you through the forums. I am IN LOVE with your art style. Your work is beautiful and I can't wait to see all you have been working on!

  6. Hello! Thank you for your sweet comment. We are working really hard to get all of the handouts updated. I am hoping we get it all done! There are a lot of fun things to look forward to. I love Family School. You are going to be so happy that you are doing it! Good luck!